My promise to you

You know the world does not need another typical consultant, another plan, or another team mired in indecision. You are not doing traditional work. Why should you be satisfied with traditional approaches?

Do you want to stop being stuck and start innovating?

Do you want a partner who will work with you to implement  recommendations?

Do you want to build the capacity to succeed on your own?

This is real work affecting real people. You and I both want people and places to flourish.

I do not just deliver recommendations for others to implement. Instead, I work with you until we have developed  the capacity for you to succeed and we achieve the results you strive for.

The Manners Mantra

I believe:

that “innovation” means transformation, not optimization

that everyone has a story worth listening to

that we need to work in collaboration, not by committee

that we need to say “no’ to the status guo

Kathy had a great connection with the clients, empathy and understanding to support their efforts to strengthen their organizations.

Natalia Naranjo

CESO County Representative Colombia